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oh u kno just me being sexy

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Possibly one of the best characters to ever be on TV

Salem was such a good character no one cared he was a bad puppet.

This character was the reason I expected that someday my cat was going to talk to me.

did Salem ever turn back into human?

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Nip slip cam ;)

(yes i know i dont have cleavage)

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i remember once in like the 3rd grade this one boy was crying and saying with an intended hoarse voice “I need to go home theres a frog in my throat” and the teacher was literally just like

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I don’t understand why acacia has a fandom. Literally all she does is take pretty pictures. She’s not talented. Believe what you want but her “singing” is mediocre.
And all you “kitties” do realize she uses you for free shit and never says thank you. I mean the girl is literally fucking loaded with money, she doesn’t need free stuff!
And I’m sorry but all the evidence from her photos, past and present,
Are slutty.
Her dad is a creepy asshole. Her mom is a delusional liar. She’s a spoiled brat.
Anyone who’s actually met her had talked about how she acts nothing how she comes across on YouTube and instagram. She’s a bitch.
She’s not even a real YouTuber. Her videos are irritating as hell. I mean prancing though a mall meowing like a dying cat isn’t funny unless you’re 7 years old.
She didn’t “just leak a few nudes” she has tons of slutty pictures. Which you can read all about her life story here http://acaciaclarkopinions.tumblr.com/post/53856235813/truth-about-acacia-clark-her-story
It’s worth a read, hater or fan.

And if you think she deserves a fandom for being “strong” through “bullying” then 273728 girls deserve a fandom, too.
So stop pretending like she worked so hard for her fame. She’s a slut that got lucky.

My point is done.
Thank you, and goodbye.

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